Help for jobseekers

(Employers, read on, we can help you too!)

We can help you plan where you want to go and how to get there. This is how we do it...

  • Create a picture of your skills, abilities and needs in relation to work
  • Support you to gain insight into your condition to help you to find and keep a job
  • Give advice and support about employment, college or training
  • Assist you with your job search—including support to develop a CV, approach employers, complete job application forms and attend job interviews
  • Support you in the work place and provide on-going support for up to 6 months once you have started work
  • Support you to sustain employment and progress or develop at work


Help for Employers

We work with employers to help create a diverse work force and un tapped talent.

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Access a pool of untapped talent you may have not considering
  • Take an element of uncertainty out the recruitment process by working with us to achieve a good job match between job and applicant
  • Tap into on-going support to make your recruitment decision a longer term success
  • Broaden the diversity of your workforce, demonstrating your commitment to equal opportunities to staff, stakeholders and customers
  • Personal development opportunities for you and your staff

Our trained specialist employment advisers can provide:

  • On the job support and adviceAdvice on reasonable adjustments
  • Specific disability awareness training
  • On-Going Support for you and your employee

What is Supported Employment?

Supported employment is widely recognised as a model for successfully integrating people with disabilities into the labour market. Mentoring and peer support can support the transition into employment and enable the new employee to maintain their employment and develop at work.

Our projects use this 5 stage model to support our clients into employment

Stage 1: Job Readiness

The person with disabilities is eager to find work and engage with an organisation to support them with this process.

Stage 2: Vocational Profile

The tool used by supported employment agencies to get to know the client, develop trust, establish skills, abilities, support/development needs, aspirations and goals.

Stage 3: Job Search/Job Development

The agency works with the client to search for jobs in the open employment market or to directly market their clients to employers - matching skills to employers' needs.

Stage 4: Employer engagement

Introduce client to employer, break down barriers, job analysis, negotiate job description, disability awareness to managers and co-workers, enter a contract with the employer about what support/job coaching will be provided.

Stage 5: On/off the job support

Job coaching, support, monitoring visits, phone calls, peer support.

Key Factors for Success
Supported employment works best when the person with disabilities is matched to the right job. But what makes a job the right job? The following should be taken into consideration:

  • Matching a person's duties to their skills.
  • The person's goals, aspirations, abilities and interests.
  • Geographical location of the job, travelling distance, days and times of work.
  • Financial issues - wages, benefits incentives
  • Workplace culture - does this suit the individual?
  • The level of support available from managers and co-workers.
  • The level of support and encouragement from family and friends.
  • Health and Disability - the individual as well as their manager and co-workers are aware of how their disability will affect them in the workplace and that supports are put in place.

IntoWork encourages employers to develop workplace peer support?
Peer support involves establishing natural supports in the workplace, where a co-worker takes on a mentoring role to support the new employee at work. This can help eliminate any difficulties that people with disabilities face at work, while freeing-up managerial time and supporting the new employee to become more independent at work.

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