Staff at the launch of All in Edinburgh project at Dynamic Earth, May 2015

Staff at the launch of All in Edinburgh at Dynamic Earth, May 2015

In a nutshell, Intowork is:

  • A non-profit organisation
  • for people with disabilities or long-term health conditions
  • who would like a job
  • but need support to get one or keep one
  • who live in Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian or West Lothian

    How are we financed?

    IntoWork receives a combination of public funds through grants and contracts with additional support through the European Social Fund. We are currently one of 4 organisations (along with The Action Group, ENABLE Scotland and Forth Sector) delivering the City of Edinburgh Council All in Edinburgh contract. This services assists Edinburgh residents with a disability or long-term health condition to find, take up and sustain employment.

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    But we haven't always been a front-line service delivery project. For more information about our background read on....

    In the early days we were a "capacity building" project. This is a buzzword almost long-forgotten from the heady days of 1993 when email and the Internet were still things of mystery and magic!

    From 1993 to 1997 we were a Scottish Government Urban Aid project set up and managed by the Economic Development Department of Lothian Regional Council and later by the City of Edinburgh Council.

    Our illustrious history saw us:

    • Researching and promoting good practice
    • Undertaking research and development on behalf of other disability and employment organisations
    • Creating local networks of disability and employment agencies and employers both of which had charitable status (we're quite prowd of that)
    • Dipping our toes into a co-operative business project
    • Organising training, conferences and events
    • Travelling to other European Countries to find out more about their disability and employment services Developing shared partnership resources
    • Identifying gaps in local service provision and looking at ways to fill the gaps

    But to cut a long story short, we are now a registered company and registered charity and provide supported employment services across the whole Lothian region.



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